Psychic Hysteria is a small record and zine label from Australia. We put out awesome sounds, words and pictures.

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We're only small but our goal is to act as a source of capital and experience for artists to put out work that they are in full control of. 

We believe that a DIY ethos is more than an aesthetic but rather forms part of a larger political movement that allows us to create worlds of participatory democracy. We also believe that DIY can express itself physically in many different forms. That’s why we hope to build a wide ranging catalogue that spans the gamut of digital downloads, lavishly printed books, photocopied zines, cassettes and hand crafted vinyl pressings.

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Brisbane - Sonic Sherpa
Brisbane - Rocking Horse Records
Melbourne - Sticky Institute


PSYCHIC-001 | Astral Skulls – Bite My Tongue / Sexism Sux (7" - 2015)
PSYCHIC-003 | Astral Skulls – contact:light (LP/CD - 2015)
PSYCHIC-004 | Kalindy Williams - Soft (zine - 2015)
PSYCHIC-005 | Mixed Business – Fakation (zine - 2016) 
PSYCHIC-006 | Kalindy Williams - Hungry (zine - 2016)
PSYCHIC-007 | Hon Boey – Clothes Bros (zine - 2016)
PSYCHIC-008 | Kalindy Williams + Kurt Eckardt - We Went To The NGV And All We Got
                            Were These Photos Of You Taking Photos (zine - November 2016)
PSYCHIC-009 | Heat Wave - Ghost Jokes (zine - February 2017)
PSYCHIC-010 | Heat Wave - Dead Beats (cassette out now, buy it here)
PSYCHIC-011 | Kalindy Williams - Roadtrip (zine - February 2017)
PSYCHIC-012 | Plaster of Paris - Oh Wow / Newcomer (7" - February 2017)
PSYCHIC-013 | WARS - WARS (available digitally now, cassette out August 18, 2017)