Astral Skulls

Leaning from solo to duo in 2015, in 2018 Astral Skulls ventured into a 4 piece excursion out of the bedroom. Astral Skulls performs in any number of formations now.

Since beginning Astral Skulls in April 2014, Kurt Eckardt - as Astral Skulls - has refined his own brand of jagged symphonies which swing back and forth across the pop-spectrum, stopping in at post-punk, electro and new wave.

Also check out Kurt's other band, Hearts and Rockets.



Beef Knuckles

Beef Knuckles is a group of 3 guys who put out a small zine of the same name. Full of comics and words, only 100 are made with each cover hand screenprinted. The past few years they've been busy putting out 7 issues, as well as another zine called The Ball Street Journal – a fanzine dedicated to the greatest sport in the world; basketball.



Bonnie Mercer

Bonnie Mercer explores the unknown worlds of unrestrained feedback, hallucinatory white noise and hypnotically evolving sonic guitar experiments. A captivating solo performer, Bonnie is also a member of The Dacios, Little Desert, Hospital Pass, Breathing Shrine, and Paul Kidney Experience, and was a founding member of Grey Daturas. She also collaborates with countless legends including Scattered Order, Dumb Numbers and Magic Dirt.




"Shedding their former moniker of Ohms and evolving into a power trio with three lead singers, Pat (guitar, vocals), Lauren (drums, vocals) and Mark (bass, vocals) are sharing the mic, the glory and the harmonies." - Sophie Benjamin



Hannah Marjorie

Hannah Marjorie is a Visual Artist and Illustrator currently based in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. 



Hearts and Rockets

Hearts and Rockets is a two piece feminist brat-wave band based in Melbourne - check out their film clips here, and buy their debut album Dead Beats here.

Their second album, Power, is due out August 2019.

In their spare time Kalindy and Kurt play in Astral Skulls.



Hon Boey

Hon Boey loves zines and he loves photography.

Hon is a member of Psychic Hysteria and is a member of Mixed Business Collective. He is based on Eora Nation, and is a graphic designer by trade and would love to work with you:



Kalindy Williams

Kalindy is an artist, photographer and illustrator based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. She takes photos and makes zines about girls. She's ultra-femme.

Kalindy is a member of Psychic Hysteria and runs the art department, plays synth, guitar and sings in Hearts and Rockets and Astral Skulls, and is a member of Mixed Business Collective.



Kurt Eckardt

Kurt is a Naarm / Melbourne based photographer. He plays in Astral Skulls and Hearts and Rockets, and makes zines when he has time.

Kurt started Psychic Hysteria and is a member of Mixed Business Collective.




Above the understated rhythms of drummer James Mclean (The Tropes, Junior Fiction), guitar and bass duties in Magpie are split between Jesse (Pioneers of Good Science, Ghost Like Beast) and Leish (Ghost Dick), who takes on most of the vocals, and tells all of the tales. There is lots to find here for such a young band: the 3 friends started jamming it out in James' band/backroom late 2016, and they quickly developed their own brand of loud garage punk rock, paired with witty banter.




Mares are a Melbourne based 4 piece post rock group. They fuse the restlessness of inner-city Melbourne with imagery of oceans and rural bush-scapes. Their driving bass, arching guitars, and intricate pace offer a glimpse into the expansion that exists outside of the city, in open landscapes.



Mixed Business Collective

A trio of Australian photographers working together on cool-as projects (whenever they have time). Featuring Kalindy WilliamsHon Boey and Kurt Eckardt.

Check out their first book Fakation.



Party Pest

Post-punk, fun-time, gal-pals formed Party Pest in Melbourne in 2017, with their debut show at the 69th birthday bash of their No. 1 fan ("Hi Mum!"). Featuring Jemma Ives and Sally Balhorn (The Reprobettes) alongside Julia Watt (Moody Beaches, La Bastard, Hot Wings), Party Pest will crash your party, drink your booze and pash yer Mum. It's not a party without a pest!



Piss Factory

Piss Factory was started by Scout in a suburban Sydney bedroom, sporadically releasing recordings acoustically and as sound collages. In the summer of 2016 Scout moved to the mean streets of Fitzroy and brought in additional musicians to make the project into a three-piece punk powerhaus – Bianca (the Girl Fridas) on drums and Tom (Made Austria) on bass. 



Plaster of Paris

Melbourne based three-piece Plaster of Paris are health goths and natural rebels notorious for their fresh-take on old-cake live shows. Guitarist, Ms Sarah Blaby, formerly of Remake Remodel (Melb), is joined by cult singer Zec Zechner of Bracode (Syd) on vocals, and photographer-by-day / drummer-by-night, Nicola Bell. Musically, they have a phantom limb in riot grrrl, and another firmly planted in a self-harming black hole.




Shrimpwitch entered the collective consciousness of Melbourne punters in 2015, playing countless shows and self-releasing a couple of absolute corkers - all the while challenging the notion of what a live show should be, including jokes and banter that puts the best comedians to shame. Launching their debut 7" via the highly-lauded Hysterical Records in May 2017 to a sold out crowd secured their place as a favourite in Melbourne's long line of legendary garage punk acts.

Shrimpwitch released their debut, full length album Gave Me The Itch on Psychic Hysteria in January 2019.




Skipism is the solo project of Dru Jones (Height/Dismay, Scattered Order, Lint, whisker floater).

Her latest release, Quiet /, is available on a split cassette with the little hand of the faithful and draws your attention to small sounds, combining electronic instruments, field recording and voice in subtle and emotive layers.




Swampland is a printed journal of longform Australian music journalism and photography.

"Swampland has begun because I think there is a place for a magazine that tells specifically Australian music stories—something that asks intelligent questions about the music that is being made here."
- Editor, Kim Thompson



The little hand of the faithful

On a sabbatical from Scattered Order, Mitchell Jones has adopted the name The little hand of the faithful to record a selection of instrumental tracks with messed up guitars, odd beats, synths, found sounds and samples, which he combines to form a foreboding and urgent atmosphere. 




Fronted by Deon Slaviero (Voice, Synthesiser and Samples), this duo take elements of dark psych, drone, noise, ambient, and pop to craft their own brand of "Gloomy Synth Wave".