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Hearts and Rockets

Melbourne-based, feminist brat-wave band Hearts and Rockets are still running high, after shooting out of 2018 at fever pitch. With videos on Rage, album of the week on 3PBS FM, single of the week in Beat Magazine, and countless live shows with the likes of Screaming Females (USA), Dream Can (China), HEX (NZ), A. Swayze and the Ghosts, Hexdebt, MOD CON, Cry Club, and many more - plus spots at Sydney's King Street Crawl and Melbourne's Bush Festival - Hearts and Rockets have stayed locked on a focussed path, culminating in recording a brand new set of songs.

Hearts and Rockets’ forthcoming second LP, the 14 track dude smasher, Power, is still anchored by the trademark driving bass lines and clattering 808 drum machine beats that have become synonymous with the band, and glimpses of their buzzing analogue synth are sure to catch you unaware. But it’s the addition of Kalindy on guitar that sets this new collection apart. On Power, the duo reinvent the very sound they created only 2 years ago, all mixed and mastered by their career-long collaborator Mikey Young.

Hearts and Rockets have pushed themselves beyond the hazy Heat Wave days, taking the fun and energy of their debut album Dead Beats and adding some serious pop smarts. They’re set to take it on the road for an East-Coast tour in September 2019.

Power features the single Dance Off; the party tune with a middle finger to the dudes at the front, which featured on a split 7” with garage-punk legends Shrimpwitch in late 2018 and had an incredible self-produced video that’s got to be seen to be believed (their 5th official video). Kurt and Kalindy have plans for a string of singles and video clips throughout 2019, and there is no shortage of options amongst these 14 earworms.

Power’s effect is in its simplicity: Hearts and Rockets don’t mince words, and they don’t waste time. Their short-sharp and catchy tracks are fun, without being vapid. They’ll make you want to dance, and definitely sing along, but heads up - you might elbow a few bigots along the way.

You can download music and find out more on heartsandrockets.com
soundcloud.com/heartsandrocketsband, and like them at facebook.com/heartsandrocketsband.

Some press for Hearts and Rockets:

Weirdo Wasteland (16/05/17)
"It’s a soundtrack of synth-heavy party punk that laughs at the futility of it all – made by a band that is choosing to face the world, lumps and all, with a sneer and a playlist of jams fit to dance to."


Matthew Lynch, 4ZZZ (15/05/17)
"If there were a dance party that snapped Daria Morgendorffer out of her anti-everything mood and on to the dancefloor, Heat Wave would have to be on the bill."


Hi-Tec Emotions, Purple Sneakers (02/02/17)
"Kalindy and Kurt from Heat Wave are the nicest people who make the funnest music. Dead End Town pulls you in with a catchy bassline that crumples into extreme distortion during the chorus, the synth feels like The B52s, but bleak, and the beats ensure this ode to hopelessness is a dance hit.”


Brendan Telford, Sonic Masala (25/11/16) 
"The staccato drum machine, the Theremin-like whine, the bottomed out bass - it's a post-punk Heat Wave! Kurt Eckhardt (Astral Skulls) and photographer Kallindy Williams join forces to shine a sordid glow on the shadows of Australian inertia and hardwired desperation. Their album is called Dead Beats, so yeah, outlook is pretty grim. But with tracks like 'Dead End Town' at least the Apocalypse can be danced to."


Deadpress (19/11/16)
"Restless Aussie rockers Heat Wave have now released a video to accompany their single ‘Dead End Town’. The song, which comes from the punk band’s forthcoming debut album ‘Dead Beats’, tackles the monotony that even Australians face in every day life..."


Gen Fricker, JJJ 17/11/16)
"It's like Le Tigre got left out on the deck over a hot Australian summer. Love the spooky fun vibes."

Monique Myintoo, Noisey (14/11/16)
"Gritty and poised, Heat Wave  could best be understood as a byproduct of restlessness. Coming together in one of Brisbane's hottest summers, Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt soon moved to Melbourne where the concept behind the band was simple: a single drum machine, synth and bass guitar, fledged alongside call-end-response vocals that tip into a hot, heavy boiling point. 

"Focusing their energies into a mix of synth pop, punk and doo-wop, the duo found themselves writing about horror movies, strange houses, and Kalindy's day-to-day experiences on staying safe in the streets. Celebrated as the summer-goth-party band the Australian punk scene has been waiting for, "Dead End Town" is the first single off their debut record Dead Beats, due for release digitally and on cassette in February 2017..."


Dave Ruby Howe, JJJ (02/11/2016) 
"You make the town in this song sound so shit but if you're there then I'm coming too."