Astral Skulls

Since beginning Astral Skulls in April 2014, Kurt Eckardt has refined his own brand of jagged symphonies which swing back and forth across the pop-spectrum, stopping in at punk, electro and new wave. Marching beats and pulsing bass lines drive listeners through stories of everything from suburbia to outer space.

Also check out Kurt's other band, Heat Wave.




Beef Knuckles

Beef Knuckles are a group of 3 guys who put out a small zine of the same name. Full of comics and words, only 100 are made with each cover hand screenprinted. The past few years they've been busy putting out 6 issues as well as another zine called The Ball Street Journal – a fanzine dedicated to the greatest sport in the world, basketball.



Hannah Marjorie

Hannah is a visual artist, musician and producer passionate about politics, feminism and practicing tattooing. 



Heat Wave

Heat Wave are a two piece post-punk duo based in Melbourne - check out their first film clip here and buy their debut album Dead Beats here.

In their spare time they play in Astral Skulls.



Hon Boey

Hon Boey loves zines and he loves photography.



Kalindy Williams

Kalindy is an artist, photographer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She takes photos and makes zines about girls. She's ultra-femme.



Kurt Eckardt

Kurt is a photographer and plays in Astral Skulls and Heat Wave. He's a founding member of Psychic Hysteria and Mixed Business Collective.



Mixed Business Collective

A trio of Australian photographers working together on cool-as projects (whenever they have time). Featuring Kalindy WilliamsHon Boey and Kurt Eckardt.

Check out their first book Fakation.






Plaster of Paris

Melbourne based three-piece Plaster of Paris are health goths and natural rebels notorious for their fresh-take on old-cake live shows.Guitarist, Ms Sarah Blaby, formerly of Remake Remodel (Melb), is joined by cult singer Zec Zechner of Bracode (Syd) on vocals, and photographer-by-day /drummer-by-night, Nicola Bell. Musically, they have a phantom limb in riot grrrl, and another firmly planted in a self-harming black hole.

Engineered by Casey Rice at Atlantis Studios, Tottenham and mastered by Mikey Young, new single Oh Wow is undeniably a double edged sword of UX punk mixed with overtones of unapologetic Australiana.



Fronted by Deon Slaviero (Voice, Synthesiser and Samples) alongside Joseph Touma (Live Drums and Samples), this duo take elements of dark psych, drone, noise, ambient, and pop to craft their own brand of "Gloomy Synth Wave".