Plaster of Paris 7" out now!

It happened today! The long-awaited vinyl release from Melbourne 3 piece Plaster of Paris has landed: the Oh Wow / Newcomer 7". We couldn't wait to have a launch so we've just put it out for you to buy! You can stream it at BandCamp or SoundCloud, and buy it herehere or here

Check your local shop for stock soon (if you're in Australia!).

Have a listen to the first track, Oh Wow:

Astral Skull remixes

Astral Skulls's debut album contact:light comes out October 31, and in the lead up a bunch of really incredible Australian musicians have done remixes of some of the songs – you can hear them in a playlist on his Soundcloud (at the link below). There are unbelievable mixes up there by some incredible artists, including Karli WhiteBarbituratesBITCHRATCH100%Louise LoveScattered Order and SASS aka Syntax/Semantics.


'Voices' Video

For most of the year, our boy Astral Skulls has been working his debut album. Today, he releases the first single off that album, 'Voices'. 

Kalindy Williams made an amazing film clip, featuring our friend Vivi Lewis, which is up on now. You can also download 'Voices' for free from and

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped, including all Pozible supporters, family and friends and especially Jonathan Snipes for mixing the album, Dice Boey for doing the artwork and Kalindy for being such a massive part of the whole process. We're so happy with it we can't wait to share more songs with you soon!