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The little hand of the faithful - Mitch w Bear

The little hand of the faithful

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Melbourne label Psychic Hysteria is proud to release is with you, the debut album of the little hand of the faithful.

Mitchell Jones and Michael Tee formed trail blazing post / industrialists Scattered Order in 1979 and, to release their own music, they established M Squared, an influential independent / experimental record label based in Sydney, helping to invent the now familiar DIY aesthetic. The constantly mutating Scattered Order moved to the Volition label (Severed Heads, Single Gun Theory, Boxcar) in 1984 where they continued to release some of this country’s most innovative work in sound exploration, and in 1996 set up the Rather be Vinyl label, in a return to the intimacy of small scale music releases, but now with the added benefits of the nascent internet music scene. Later, a lively interest in post punk reissues in Europe saw the band reach old friends and find new ones, but audiences today know them for their immersive live sets and a growing body of vital, inventive new music.

On a sabbatical from Scattered Order this year, Mitchell has adopted the name the little hand of the faithful to record this album of instrumental tracks with messed up guitars, odd beats, synths, found sounds and samples, which he combines to form a foreboding and urgent atmosphere. Sometimes this intensity is balanced by a haunting melancholia, with always a tiny glimmer of hope poking its head over the parapet.

Is with you has been lovingly crafted as a vinyl and digital release. The little hand of the faithful ushers in a new and compelling dimension to the long, rich musical career of an ever-questing sound artist. 

Available on Friday 17th August as a 12” vinyl LP and digital download.

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The little hand of the faithful - is with you

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The tracks:

Polish trucker lollies Wizzed out truckers piloting their juggernauts on the highways and byways of Europe. A collision of sound.
Ooh my fictional deity Travel back in your past for the answers. Can you remember the question? Fact or fiction?
D.C.I.C.C.T.V. Old fashioned policing is so last century. Sit back and watch the monitor.
Liquid Kosh Strangely stupefying. It lulls you into a false sense of security with its prettiness.
Dark and strangely pale Everyone needs protection. That's what they say.
Radio chatter continues under music The wires are crossed. The reception is faulty.
Hysteria Area Your child is missing. The police are here to help.
You know what I am running down here Before the internet, these were the glory days of spies.