Shrimpwitch - Gave Me The Itch
Out January 9, 2019

Available for airplay now. Key tracks:
(2) Leerers (4) Bung-Eyed Baby (8) Digestion

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Hot on the heels of closing Meredith Music Festival 2018, Melbourne garage-punk duo Shrimpwitch release their long awaited debut album, Gave Me The Itch.

Out on cassette, digitally, and via all streaming services on January 9 via Psychic Hysteria, this 10 track odyssey is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Anyone that’s seen their live show won’t need convincing. This album is that gig (without the banter, to be fair). It’s like you’re there in the room with them, the drums pounding - 4 to the floor - the guitar rattling, call and response, and call and call.

Lyrics are key. Georgi is on most of them. About their most recent single, Leerers; “’s about trying to say no to creeps and leerers when you feel backed up against the wall. It is specifically inspired from two experiences I've had while performing in Shrimpwitch. So it's self-referential, in that when I'm performing live, I'm literally screaming at people that "I'm not here for you to leer". But through song! But I'm actually screaming at you- live !”

The launch is happening at The Tote,
Saturday January 19, 2019 with Race Rage, Callan, Porpoise Spit, Dark Water, Way Shit, Affection and Packaged Goods.

For more info or to organise an interview, contact Kurt Eckardt: / +61 423 382 203

“Georgi Goonsack and Kim Prawn - aka Shrimpwitch - create thrashy, garage-punk belters that’ll stick with you for days. The duo deliver shrill vocals and groovy, surf-tinged instrumentals with an undeniable charm.” -Deafen County

Artwork by    Elise Nielsen

Artwork by Elise Nielsen

Shrimpwitch - Gave me The Itch

Side A:

1) Trouble
2) Leerers
3) Green Potato
4) Bung-Eyed Baby
5) Green Looks Good (On Me)

Side B
1) Repetition
2) Sever
3) Digestion
4) Mystique
5) Shrimping