Magpie - Privilege
Single out now - EP Into Space out November 2, 2018


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Magpie’s debut EP Into Space is coming out on cassette super soon, and the first single Privilege is out now.

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OK for airplay now

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OK for airplay now, out November 2

Magpie's debut EP Into Space is coming out on cassette coming out November 2, and launching at the Yarra on Cup Eve with Girl Germs, Shit Sex and Moon Cup.

Above the understated rhythms of drummer James Mclean (The Tropes, Junior Fiction), guitar and bass duties in Magpie are split between Jesse (Pioneers of Good Science, Ghost Like Beast) and Leish (Ghost Dick), who takes on most of the vocals, and tells all of the tales. There is lots to find here for such a young band: the 3 friends started jamming it out in James' band/backroom late 2016, and they quickly developed their own brand of loud garage punk rock, paired with witty banter.

Privilege - the first single off Magpie’s debut EP Into Space - comes galloping out of the gates, and if you’re not watching closely it will knock you right over. But more than that, it reminds you that it’s yourself you should be watching. Most of us benefit from some form of privilege or another (or; others), and Magpie don’t extinguish themselves of this - they acknowledge it head on. 

Privilege is a glimpse of what to expect from Magpie’s EP Into Space, due out on cassette via Psychic Hysteria November 2, and launching at The Yarra on Cup Eve, Monday November 5 with support from Girl Germs, Shit Sex and Moon Cup. 

Pre-order the cassette now at, and keep your ears out for more. 

Any chatter of the single and EP is greatly appreciated, please be sure to let me know if you need any further info or wold like to organise an interview with the band.


Artwork credits: Kalindy Williams


Photo credits: Naomi Lee Beveridge

Soundcloud Private Stream/Download:

Track List:


Track 1. Space 
Track 2. Privilege 
Track 3. Don’t Tell Me Stories


Track 1. Cooper 
Track 2. Chasing Something 
Track 3. I Say Yes 
Track 4. Mental Health