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Interview / Premiere of Light Noises on Trouble Juice

Some press for Astral Skulls:

Trouble Juice (03/07/2018)
"Light Noises’ is a volatile cut of noise-pop that feels as powerfully poignant as it does sinister."

Happy (06/07/15)
"Blunt, but not crude. It may feel a little abrasive at first but the song really is a call to action. It calls out to all men to recognise the bullshit and do something about it. 
On the other side of the coin is Bite My Tongue, a more self deprecating song that feels far more honest. While Sexism Sux may be an optimistic call to action, Bite My Tongue is resigned to the truth of one’s own nature..."

Tone Deaf  (11/03/2015) 
"Australia’s favourite rising musician Courtney Barnett has been making waves around the globe with her signature slack-rock gems, releasing her universally acclaimed yet internationally misunderstood sombre tune Depreston, and riding on the talented lass’ success arrives a parody from a local Aussie musician entitled Impreston..."

Noisey (10/03/15)
"The video is also a fun retort to Courtney Barnett’s Depreston, a somber song about moving further away from the inner city action. With lines such as, "the CBD is a quick bike ride/spend half as much on rent", Impreston is a fun and clever celebration of life in the 3072..."

Noisey (27/02/15) 
"A one-man music machine, Astral Skulls meshed harsher guitar tones with a lo-fi synth-backing track. Yeah it sucks to play first but Kurt had the rowdy rum fuelled crowd in a loose headlock and by his last track the room had the feeling of a school-disco that had been taken over by a punker Marty McFly..."

Noisey (23/12/14)
"Kurt Eckardt is the sole driver/operator of Astral Skulls, an outer planetary guitar and synth vehicle that has landed in Melbourne via Brisbane..."

Mess and Noise (22/12/14)
"Eckardt has a knack for setting his misanthropic leanings against fairly menacing yet overtly poppy backdrops..."

Sonic Masala (26/08/14)
"The combination of guitar and synth here creates a 16-bit platform for monotone vocals to create an interesting cross section of New Wave marching nihilism and post-millennial hypercolour movement and beats. The end result? An anarchic drumbeat of post-punk that bubbles more than boils, made for cassettes to jam into your Commodore 64. More, please."

Don't Need No Melody (24/08/14)
"Go and listen to the cosmic guitars and big, beautiful beats served up by Brisbane’s Astral Skulls, then use Soldiers and Money to soundtrack your next intergalactic journey or road trip..."

The Music (04/06/14)
"Dark electronic pop delivered by Astral Skulls with beats so crisp they could cut butter and a deadpan monotone delivery of sadness. So very, very excellent."
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Mess and Noise (22/05/14)
"The latest two are the shouty and agitated False Future and the purring and poppier Get the Money, while Under the Southern Cross seethes with bitterness about our country’s “stolen history.” But the “hit” is definitely Out of the Suburbs, which strikes an ideal balance between brooding vocals, pulsating layers and classic let’s-skip-town romance..."

Lone Riot (19/05/14)
"The result is somewhat equatable to sitting in a corner in space, turning it into your bedroom and hibernating, being enthralled and lulled by shooting stars, questioning the possible existence of alien life, and questioning your own..."

Crawlspace Magazine (12/05/14)
"It’s not the kind of raw and undeveloped scree you’d expect from a punk musician moving into more electronic territory. Eckardt’s delivery is reminiscent of Peter Escott from The Native Cats: it’s a bit droll but not at all offhand or uncaring..."

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